The Healthy Zone Program helps schools create a culture of health and a great way to do this is through sharing stories. We encourage you to share activity ideas and success stories with the Healthy Zone community. Your story could be featured on the Healthy Zone website!

The story should be about one paragraph in length. Listed below are some ideas of topics but you are welcome to share outside of these parameters.

  • A brief summary of the activity implemented.
  • The importance of the event and why it was selected.
  • Goals of the event and the attendees.
  • Share a tip that was learned from implementing the activity.
  • The impact of the event to create a healthier school environment.
  • Barriers faced during implementation. 
  • Advice for schools or teachers trying to implement a similar event.
  • Testimonial explaining how Healthy Zone resources, recognition, or rewards have contributed to healthy behaviors.
  • A success story about how the program has impacted you personally, your child, or community.