August 11, 2016

Workout Wednesdays

By Spring Creek Elementary, Richardson ISD 

Each Wednesday students and staff are encouraged to wear workout clothes to promote our school wide focus of having a healthy body and mind.  Research has proven that physical activity improves brain function, so the goal of Workout Wednesdays is to get the students up and moving throughout the day when their brains need a “spark”. It does not last long, but it makes a huge impact on the students focus in the classroom. We believe workout Wednesdays are making a healthy impact on our students’ physical and mental health. Teachers are noticing improvements with their focus, attitudes, and grades.

Using an iPad, we created videos for students and staff to participate in to keep our body and minds active throughout the school day. We send the videos to all the teachers to use with their students in the classroom. The videos are short and something that the kids could laugh at, enjoy and every grade level could participate in.  We even get the teachers involved in making the videos.  It just takes a little bit of planning and some creativity.  

If you are considering doing an activity like Workout Wednesdays, our advice would be to go for it! It is so simple to do, yet so beneficial for the students and teachers. Have fun with it, because the kids will enjoy it all the more when you are having fun. The students are not seeking perfection in the videos, they are just happy to get up and move throughout the day!  Finally, do not be afraid of making a fool out of yourself…. because it will happen!

Thanksgiving Workout Wednesday Video: