September 1, 2016

Lead by Example

By Mary North, Griffin Middle School, Frisco ISD

This year at Griffin, I really wanted to get the staff involved in our fitness and nutrition activities and wanted them to lead by example. I felt like if the staff are practicing healthy habits then the students will follow. 

First thing I had to find out was what the staff wanted here at Griffin and what were we able to do.  Everyone is working on a different schedule so it is hard to plan a school wide event sometimes.  I wanted to offer a variety of activities so I could get more people involved. 

One activity that we have done twice this year now was a step competition.  The first time we did this it was an individual activity and staff members had weekly goals to meet.  If they met their goals their name was put into a hat for a drawing at the end of the activity.  The second time we did this it became a team competition.  The staff members had to keep track of their individual daily steps and weekly team steps.  Our overall team winner, Gator Step, took over 977, 037 steps in just 3 weeks!  We had about 15 participants in the first competition and 26 in the second.   I still have staff members coming to me saying they are getting their 10,000 steps a day.  AWESOME!

Another thing I did was purchase fitness equipment.   We had a bike donated to us but we purchased a treadmill and an elliptical.  This is available to staff anytime.  We have had a couple staff members use this so far and are hoping more will use it this spring. 

Before the holiday break we did offer a Gator Bites cookbook to staff, students and parents.  This cookbook of healthy recipes was put together by our Health Classes last fall.  It is available on the Griffin Middle School website. Earlier this year I offered healthy snacks to the staff and the PTA did a healthy lunch.  Both of those were a big hit!

Finally, our Healthy Selfie board was a big hit!   We asked staff and students to send in pictures of healthy habits they have outside of school.  It could be anything like eating healthy, exercising or drinking water.  Take a look at some of what our Griffin family does to stay healthy.

I feel like all these events were a success because it’s more than what we have done in the past.  It can only get better!  I will keep doing a variety of activities like I mentioned above but I would also like to try one or two big events either during the school day or after school.  At our school, and I am sure it’s like this at others, it is so hard to get everyone together at one time.   Everyone’s schedule is so different and there is already so much on the calendar. 

I do appreciate all the GMS Staff members that have participated in the activities I have had throughout the year.  I hope to continue to help make Griffin a HEALTHY SCHOOL!