June 2, 2021
Shaun Phillips

This school year was a challenge but a very successful one. Alex Sanger Preparatory Middle School in Dallas ISD started doing a monthly mile challenge in January 2021. It started with 30 miles walking or running with some type of extra physical component (certain number of push-ups/sit-ups etc.). We finished with a few teachers and students reaching 150 miles but multiple students and staff with 100+ miles. This is great! We were able to motivate the staff and students with monthly prizes including smartwatches to help track their running! We are so grateful and thank you. Read more

March 2, 2021
Shaun Phillips

The 8th grade students and Health and Physical Education teacher came up with the February challenge for Alex Sanger Preparatory Middle School in Dallas ISD. The challenge is to run or walk at least 30 miles in the month of February. The school selected the Nike Run Club App to track progress (you can use any app). A prize will be given to the students and staff members who complete more than the 30-mile goal. The staff members and students who have the most miles will win wireless earbud headphones to make their future runs even more enjoyable. Happy Running Stallions!

Results... Read more

February 5, 2021

I created the Joseph J. Rhoads Community Bike Club in Dallas ISD to help students, staff and family stay active during this COVID pandemic we are facing. We do 5 mile bike rides monthly as all can come together for a day of fellowship and mentoring. We have partnered with the Dallas Police Department in our effort as well as local radio stations to help spread awareness on the importance of staying physically active. Read more

February 5, 2021
Chip Lowery

The Healthy Zone School Program has done so much for us in our 3 years at Coppell High School. Where they really stepped up was allowing us flexibility during the Pandemic. We used some of our funding to help purchase food for some of our families in need. Everyone wants to help but The Cooper Institute and United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and the Healthy Zone School Program let us reach out directly with the assistance needed. Thank you. Read more

September 14, 2020
Sherry Ollison

As COVID-19 has changed our PE world in every way possible. It still remains that kids need to play. As a fan of play, it was the task of Coach Ollison and Coach Rickey to figure out how to get kids' active and playing, even though PE at Lykins Elementary was not virtual. As a fan of play, Coach O used the grant money from the Healthy Zone School Program to purchase backpacks, all sizes of balls, jump ropes, and a few more trinkets for the kids to play with while they were virtual. She knew they wouldn't be active in her class, but knew that with a bit of creativity, the kids would find a... Read more

April 2, 2020
Jennifer  James

I just wanted to share how PROUD I am of my Vaughn students for still getting in their 60 minutes of activity from home during this unprecedented time! Our Frisco ISD PE teachers have created an eLearning PE choice board over the past 3 weeks where students can choose various physical fitness activities to complete. The activities range from soccer and hockey skills, to movement dances, as well as tabata fitness activities! Each student has the autonomy of choosing what works BEST for them! I have been just beyond proud to look at all of the pictures and videos through our FISDVaughnPE... Read more

March 6, 2020
Amy Schaefer

It's Seed Day in the Garden! Volunteers and community members help our students plant their garden full of delicious food to eat during the spring and early summer. Science class is held outside all day! Students get their hands dirty while learning about life cycles, migration, composting, water collection, herbs, pollinators, and much more. It is definitely a seeds in the ground, STEAM in the garden, festival kind of day! Read more

February 19, 2020
Cindy Bladl

With the help of the Healthy Zone School Program, Lakeside Elementary in Coppell, TX, has a Kindness Club. Fourth and fifth grade learners were invited to the club. The learners have made kindness bookmarks which are hidden in our library books and they made "appreciation" posters and signs for cafe and custodial staff. We also spent a chilly day making some chalk art at school. Lastly, they passed out Random Acts of Kindness cards at the local Kroger. HZS Program helped with the supplies which were used in all activities. Read more

February 12, 2020
Amy Schaefer

We held our School Walk for Diabetes and Family Glow night! We were not able to do our 1 mile walk outside, so we moved it inside and walked the halls of the school before getting our healthy snack and grooving to the music! Read more

February 6, 2020
Amy Schaefer

On the 100th day of school, Abbett Elementary in Garland ISD reviewed the importance of GO foods and physical activity! Each of our classes worked in groups to come up with their favorite GO foods and physical activities! It was fun listening to the students talk about appropriate GO foods and fun being activie! Read more