November 10, 2016

Fall Field Day

By Jenny Nations, Ditto Elementary, Arlington ISD

This year’s goal for our fall field day was to create a school wide celebration of fitness.  We used 20 different stations featuring our new equipment to reinforce the skills learned in class.  Students traveled in small groups around to each station led by student leaders from our 5th and 6th grades.  Each grade level (K-6) had a designated time to participate in these events.  Total students participating was approximately 750.  We invited parents to come enjoy watching their child participate.  In previous years, we have had inclement weather that forced a smaller scaled field day.  We chose to move this event to the fall to enjoy better weather. 

I feel the new equipment gave them a preview and created excitement for upcoming units.  It also encouraged engagement throughout the field day, which decreased behavior issues and increased total movement.  I feel this event was successful because of the planning, getting parent volunteers, using student leaders for each event and the excitement of seeing the new equipment in use gave this year’s field day a revitalized amount of energy.  Obviously the biggest barrier was the weather factor.  We had two gorgeous fall days, and had to reschedule one day due to rain.  The good thing was we were able to reschedule with no problem and these kids were able to enjoy a day outside.   If I had to give one tip about this event, it would be to not be afraid to try something new and different.  Using the student leaders helped the kids rise to the occasion and made this fun for all ages.