Healthy Zone School Program Application Checklist


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Knowledge Areas

  • Campus policies related to physical activity, nutrition, and health
  • All programming related to student health and activity promotion
  • Campus plans and goals to improve physical activity, nutrition, and health programs and policies 

Physical Education

  • Amount of Physical Activity – Schools should have a physical activity policy to ensure students are engaging in the recommended amount of moderate to vigorous physical activity.  Consider PE, recess, and brain/activity breaks. Learn about the youth national standards for physical activity recommendations.
  • Age Appropriate Instruction – It is important to ensure that all students are receiving age appropriate instruction that encourages and promotes physical activity, regardless of age, gender, race, or ability. For more information, click here.
  • Staff Training – Physical education staff should be trained in physical education. 
  • Fitness Assessments – Fitness assessments should be conducted to provide the school, parents, and students with information about the health-related fitness. Learn about FitnessGram.
  • Campus Improvement Plan – Schools should have a plan that consists of goal setting to improve their campus.  Learn what role physical activity plays in your school improvement plan.
  • Student to Teacher Ratio – In the state of Texas the ratio is 45:1. For more information, click here.



  • Food Options– Food items and selections should follow the guidelines of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act.
  • Environment – Think about signage in the cafeteria, hallway, and classroom that promote healthy foods. 
  • Staff Training – Nutrition and cafeteria staff can benefit from attending staff development. 


  • School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) – All school districts are required by law to have a SHAC that oversees the needs of the school. SHAC addresses the needs of the students and community, communicate between administrators and parents, and ensure health knowledge is being provided to schools. Students, parents, and faculty should be encouraged to join the SHAC. Learn how to start a SHAC.
  • Coordinated School Health Plan (CSH Plan) – All school districts are required by law to have a CSH plan. CSH plans address health-related issues and follows a component model. For more information about CSH in Texas, click here.
  • Outreach – Develop relationships with organizations that assist in health and nutrition education.
  • Health Services – Health screenings are an important part of measuring the health and wellbeing of students. Know which screenings are provided on your campus.
  • Emergency Preparedness – Knowledge of what to do in an emergency is critical. Find out who is certified to use AED devices and perform CPR.