Healthy Zone School Recognition Program® Application

The application for the 2018-2019 school year is open!

Application Deadline: February 1, 2018

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Thank you for your interest in the Healthy Zone School Recognition Program®. This program is created to honor and assist schools that wish to improve the health of their environment. At this time, Healthy Zone Alumni are not eligible to reapply. If a school will be opening for the first time next school year, they are not eligible to apply for the program until the following school year. 

The program currently serves schools in Dallas, Collin, Rockwall, and southern Denton counties. All levels (elementary, middle, high) and types (private, charter, public) of schools are encouraged to apply. Only individual schools will be honored; districts may not apply. Schools that have more than one campus location must complete separate applications for each campus. The application will need to be completed by a school level employee. 

Exemplary Healthy Zone Schools: These schools demonstrate a high level of commitment to the health of their students by promoting health, physical activity and nutrition inside and outside of the school. Schools selected for this honor will receive a Healthy Zone School™banner and signage for placement throughout their school. Healthy Zone Schools will be encouraged to mentor other schools in their communities about health and wellness.

Healthy Zone Schools: These schools work with The Cooper Institute® and United Way of Metropolitan Dallas to help enhance healthy behaviors in their schools and communities. These schools will receive a Healthy Zone School™ banner and signage for placement throughout their school, funding for physical education equipment, FitnessGram® license and webhosting, an iPad and funding for activity promotions. This three-year honor is valued in excess of $7,000. In addition, these schools will be provided with training opportunities by the The Cooper Institute® and United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. At the end of the school year, each Healthy Zone School will be invited to apply for promotion to become an Exemplary Healthy Zone School.

Applying and Participating in the Healthy Zone School Recognition Program®


The application process consists of five sections and should be completed by a district employee such as a physical education teacher, health teacher, nurse, classroom teacher, etc. The school principal must verify the application to ensure the information is correct. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. In addition, a district level contract will be signed upon acceptance into the program. 

Schools will be judged based on their current health, physical activity, nutrition, and community involvement practices, as well as the school’s potential to establish an optimal health environment.

All schools selected for the program will be invited to an orientation that includes training, where they will be provided information and tips on creating a healthier school environment. Webinars will be offered to provide teachers with information about the program and health based resources. Teachers will also have access to the Healthy Zone School Recognition Program® project website to assist with implementing healthy activities.

Designations will last three years. Each school participating in this program will be asked to complete activities that promote health, physical activity and nutrition in their schools and/or communities throughout each year of their designation. Schools will be asked to communicate their experiences and practices with The Cooper Institute®.

Program Requirements: Schools selected for the program will be expected to collect FitnessGram® data (a state requirement of all public schools in Texas) in the fall and spring of the first year and in the spring of the second and third year, complete program surveys, and attend the program orientation each year while actively in the program.

For more information on program requirements and expectations, please refer to the FAQ’s page or contact us today.